Already a standard reference for product and application data, Flowmaster Mufflers has updated their web site to provide more information and easier navigation.

The Pro-Series muffler product line, previously sold under the Hushpower name has now been incorporated into the site. Functions like the Product and Dealer Search are readily at hand, regardless of where you are in the site.

The company’s extensive collection of sound clips and videos continues to be a popular resource for exhaust system buyers, and many o fthe clips are also available on YouTube and StreetFire. Among their many design features, Flowmaster Mufflers use a unique H-chamber design to control interior resonance, as well as an internal deflector that minimizes back flow to the engine and helps to scavenge exhaust gasses.

You can check out the latest product news from the company, including Mustang 5.0-liter, Challenger SRT-8, Dodge Charger R/T, Ford Fiesta and Dodge RAM 1500. Flowmaster has also announced that all 409S Stainless Steel Flowmaster mufflers and exhaust systems comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

If you’re looking for kit instructions, parts fitment lists or the new 2011 Flowmaster Catalog, you’ll find these easily as well.  Head on over the the new Flowmaster web site and check out all the new information.