A Look at Tommy Milner of Corvette Racing’s Helmet Design

More often than not, it’s a team name or a specific car with a certain kind of paint scheme that we think of first when a favorite racer comes to mind. But for Corvette Racing driver Tommy Milner, it’s not the No. 4 Corvette C6.R race car, nor the bright yellow paint scheme or even the name Corvette Racing that ultimately shows off his personality. Rather, it’s his helmet. Check out Milner’s unique helmet design and all the work that went into capturing his racing sponsors and own personality in one artistically done helmet in the video from TAG Heuer Avant-Garde Eyewear above.


Image: Tommy Milner on Facebook

As a major sponsor of Corvette Racing and the No. 4 C6.R, TAG Heuer Eyewear received the rights to have their logo and colors be a prominent part of Milner’s helmet for the 2013 American Le Mans Series season. So with the help of painter/designer Tyler Cenarussa, who has worked on Milner’s helmets in the past, and Andy Blackmore of Andy Blackmore Designs, Milner designed a helmet that not only featured the TAG Heuer brand and colors, but also included Corvette Racing design features, and even a bit of Milner’s own style. And the results are amazing!

Most of the time, helmets are only thought of as pieces of safety equipment, meant to keep our favorite team drivers safe from harm in competition. But they’re also canvases for self expression, which Milner explains above. Chances are after watching this in-depth video you’ll never look at a racing helmet quite the same way!

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