A Look at the FAST Engineering Fuel Injector Flow Bench in Action

When it comes to the fuel injectors on our cars, many of us don’t really think about how they were tested or perfected. All we care about is that they work properly for our applications. However, testing and balancing is an important part of making sure performance fuel injectors work seamlessly. That’s why the Fuel Air Spark Technology or FAST Electrical Engineering Group has created their FAST Fuel Injector Flow Bench. But this isn’t just an ordinary flow bench.

It is actually a very unique system that is unbeatable when it comes to accuracy and functionality. Check out the FAST flow bench in action in the COMP Performance Group video above that we found on YouTube.

Flow benches used to test fuel injectors are nothing new, but the one created by FAST is taking technology and accuracy to a whole new level. The company’s one-of-a-kind flow bench contains a complete fuel system, including plumbing, a fuel pump and a fuel cell. But that isn’t what really makes the FAST flow bench stand out above the rest.

The FAST system can also read test data dynamically. So instead of having to manually measure the amount of liquid in the test cylinders after the injectors are shut off (which can make for some inaccuracies), the FAST setup starts reading flow rates right away and displaying them on a computer screen. The system can read information from up to eight real-time flow meters at a time. The system also has a constant return fuel system, so injectors can be tested for however long is needed without having to stop to empty the test cylinders over and over.

The injectors being tested are driven by a FAST ECU that contains the same calibration files as the company’s EFI systems. This guarantees that the fuel injectors will work perfectly with the FAST systems.

The flow bench and software program that goes with it were all created in-house by FAST Leader, Ron Turnpaugh and his engineers. Though it was more expensive to create their own unique bench than to go buy a generic one to test fuel injectors with, the new system is definitely the most accurate on the market and makes testing simple.

From being able to see immediate fluctuations in fuel flow when the operator mimics the settings of a car being revved or the gas pedal being let off, to being able to test fuel pumps with the same system, the FAST Fuel Injector Flow Bench is truly unique. Be sure to check out the system in action above and all the products that FAST has to offer for your car on their website.

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