There’s no doubt that there are some pretty stellar car collections out there, especially when it comes to Corvettes, but nine times out of 10, collectors keep their private stash of cars rather secluded from the public. That is until Michael Brown and the Vette Collections series get involved. Check out the first of many astonishing Corvette collections Brown was able to tour in the CorvetteTVShow video above.

As an avid Chevy enthusiast and dealer for the last 44 years, Bob McDorman is the ultimate Corvette connoisseur. In a half a dozen buildings housed on the same property as his Chevy dealership in Canal Winchester, Ohio, McDorman’s Corvette collection reaches numbers well over 100 with at least one Corvette from each production year.

But what’s even more impressive than the extent of McDorman’s Collection is the number of rare, low-mileage, celebrity and low serial number cars. The number of these type of collector vehicles in McDorman’s collection is overwhelming, encompassing a vast majority of McDorman’s vehicles.

In addition to his Corvette collection, McDorman has a massive collection of other classic Chevys as well as over 500 vintage Chevy neon signs. Needless to say, McDorman takes being a Chevy enthusiast and collector seriously. This is taken to an even bigger level with McDorman’s specially built storage buildings including a vintage service station.

Unfortunately, McDorman’s collection didn’t stay together for long after Brown toured it. All Corvettes and other Chevy memorabilia were sold at auction in November of 2010, but this doesn’t change the mere passion once found in McDorman’s processions. We can only hope to see more Corvette collections built by true passion in the future.