A Different Perspective On The 2014 Corvette C7

Even though 2013 is supposedly the final model year for the C6 Corvette, GM has been quite mum on the vehicle that is going to replace it. Sure, some websites think they have the new design on lockdown, and we even stumbled across video of the C7’s bumper being made. Yet until we see picture proof of the next Corvette, we are going on the assumption that it could still look like anything.

That includes this recent concept drawn up by the very skilled Josh Byrnes, who posted this awesome-looking C7 Corvette rendering for Carscoop. He calls it a “halfway meeting point between radical and evolutionary,” but we call it one fine looking Corvette.

Indeed, Byrne’s concept is a bit more radical than the car Jalopnik purports will be the next C7. Yet given that the C7 was supposedly revealed to Jalop over a year ago, a lot can change in such a time frame. Besides, who says they are 100% right? For our money, Byrne’s design is a bit more of a departure from the current crop of Corvettes, and we see that as a good thing.

The sharp beak, low-slung roofline, and exaggerated fender flares all rekindle memories of the Corvettes of the old days. Yet there is definitely something “21st century” about this design, even more so than many of the other Corvette concepts we’ve seen out there.

That doesn’t mean Carscoop nailed it; they could be off by a thousand miles. But it seems as though enthusiasm for the next Corvette has tapered off a bit, so we figured why not throw some more fuel onto the fire? Let us know what you think of this concept below in the comments.

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