Few hobbies are as plainly obvious as the car culture, and it doesn’t take a genius to point out the gearheads and speed freaks among the general population. Customizing your car says, “LOOK AT ME WORLD!” and many car guys devote their whole existence to a single vehicle. The Chevy Corvette has an especially devoted following, and the love of the ‘Vette often bleeds over other hobbies.

In this case it’s the hobby of custom computer case building that gets the Corvette touch. MNPCTech.com, a supplier of custom computer case parts, put together this incredible computer case as a tribute to the classic Chevy Corvette. The entire build was documented on themodzoo, a site dedicated to modding custom computer cases like this.

It’s actually rather incredible how many parallels we can draw between building a custom computer case and a project car. You’ve got the case itself, which is naturally the body, plus all the innards that act as your engine, transmission, and whatnot. With decades of Corvette influence to draw from, this case combines the modern ‘Vette logo with a ‘69 Stingray cowl-induction hood, giving the case a really unique look.

We love the 3D Corvette symbol and the air-cleaner like additions under the hood, and over the wheel-like fans that add awesome detail to this CPU case. An airbrushed Corvette symbol leaves no room for guessing as to the influence for this build, and it’s a really incredible tribute to a car that has lasted decades. What other Corvette-items have you seen from other hobbies?