The new 2014 Corvette Stingray isn’t just an important and popular car in America; its release is a worldwide event for collectors looking to expand their repertoire of American sports cars. But with wait lists reaching six months or more for just the base model Stingray, GM has plenty of orders to work through from all over the world.

corvette-plane-2Inside SoCal gives us this rare glimpse of an American car making its way towards Europe, courtesy of Lufthansa Airlines. Bound for Germany initially, this 2014 Corvette could end up just about anywhere in the Old World.

It’s not every day that you see a Corvette onboard a cargo plane like Lufthansa’s MD-11 jumbo jet, which has a maximum cargo capacity of 80,000 kilograms. On this particular night the cargo plane was slated to carry 73,000 kilos, including the Corvette, though loading procedures are rather long despite being automated.

That’s because each piece of cargo must be loaded in a certain order, and one at a time, lest the plane tip on its tail. As you might imagine, it all adds to the cost of shipping a car like the Corvette across the Atlantic, though anyone who can afford to do so probably isn’t too concerned with such things. All told, it would cost you close to $150,000 to buy and ship yourself a new Corvette from America to Europe.

Totally worth it, though…