A 1978 Corvette With A Ford Modular V8?

Most people probably wouldn’t consider the 1978 Corvette the pinnacle of either performance or style. Born at a time when emissions standards were hampering horsepower, and GM designers were either uninspired or underpaid, the ‘78 Corvette inhabits a sort of “malaise purgatory.” Most collectors don’t want them, and most racers can do better.

But we think there is plenty of room for this era of Corvettes in the hallowed halls of enviable automobiles. You just have to great creative, like the guys at FRP Customs. This Redding, California-based customs shop is currently undertaking a very unique project; a Ford-powered Corvette.

To see a Corvette with any engine but one sourced from GM is heresy to many people. It is very uncommon to see Corvettes without such an engine, and even more rare that someone takes a ‘78 Corvette to undertake such a project. But it sure as hell will be unique.

Still odder is that this isn’t even a pushrod V8 engine. Rather, it is a supercharged Modular Ford motor utilizing dual-overhead camshafts – one of the widest production engines we can think of. We don’t doubt that this required some serious modification to the engine bay, and the rest of the “Forvette” has gotten a body makeover as well. Modern C6-style headlights and a front fascia coupled with huge fender flares definitely give the Forvette a more “modern” look.

But is the look right for a Corvette? Let us know down below in the comments.

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