Ask ten different people what a “sleeper” is, and you’ll get ten different answers. But generally speaking, you can define it as a car that’s faster than it looks. The term is normally applied to things like 4 door sedans running a 200-shot of nitrous, Fox-body Mustangs with LS swaps, diesel trucks that have undergone monster turbo transplants, and other typically slow vehicles that do all the talking when the tree falls.

Can a Corvette ever be a sleeper, though? The last two generations of Y-body cars have been pretty quick from the factory – you won’t get revved on much by the Civic-with-a-grapefruit-cannon-exhaust types – but then again, they’re not usually known for single digit passes down the dragstrip either.

That brings us to this particular car, a 2005 Corvette built a couple of years back by Leading Edge Performance out of Las Vegas, Nevada. A 416 cubic inch LS3 with a twin TTI turbo kit feeds power to a Yank torque converter and 4 speed automatic built by RPM, and finally to a DTE differential spinning 345/35R18 Mickey Thompson Drag Radials. We’re told that this car is a daily-driven street car, and while it certainly looks clean, there’s nothing in its external appearance that suggests it’s capable of single-digit runs at the dragstrip.

As soon as you hear it start to build boost at the line, though, it’s a different story. Hooked up and gone, on low-profile tires, it runs nine-eighties at better than 140 miles an hour, with a 1.51 60-foot time. If you wanted to shame the tubbed-out, big-slick regulars at your local track, it’s hard to imagine a better car to do it with…