‘67 Corvette Abandoned in a Field Gets a Chance at a Second Life

The second-generation Corvette is widely regarded as one of, if not the best-looking Corvette, and they fetch a high premium on the auction circuit. But not every Corvette has benefited from a full restoration, and even fewer can claim to be true “survivor” cars.

Thankfully, it looks like one long-languishing 1967 Corvette coupe will get a second chance at life, reports Old Cars Weekly writer Al Rogers. The couple who owns this ‘Vette has vowed to restore it, citing their long history with the car.

Lee and Amanda Sloppy (not making that name up, by the way) have a long history with this ‘67, buying it from the original owner in 1973. Amanda used it as her daily driver to her two-mile commute until 1981, and then after the mufflers, brakes, and other bits needed replacing, the Corvette was eventually parked. Parked, but not forgotten.

Life took over, and the Corvette sat exposed to the elements. But now that Lee has retired from his career as a GM mechanic, he has the time to finally get the Corvette back together. A new shop is even being built to serve as a restoration facility, and this old ‘Vette will begin its restoration journey soon. When it is complete, a fully restored ’67 Corvette could fetch upwards of $80,000 or more at auction, especially since this car is a numbers-matching 327/300 horsepower model.

There would be buyers falling over each other to add it to their collection… though it would make an equally-cool rat rod. Leave the patina, get it road-worthy, clean up the interior, and drive one cool Corvette all around town. 

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