Not everyone has the resources to keep their cars in a garage, but it’s unfortunate just how many people allow their cars to wither away in the elements with no consideration of what they are truly doing. Over at CorvetteBlogger, yet another car with this disgraceful fate has surfaced. But the car they found isn’t just any Corvette. It is actually a highly sought after ‘63 split window.

The ‘63 split window Corvette currently sits in a yard next to scrap metal and what seems to be trash in an unknown location. Why? We have no idea. What we can tell from the pictures, however, is that the car has been completely stripped and parked among the weeds.

With the ‘63 being one of the most sought after Corvettes ever made, it is a shame that one currently sits as if it’s been forgotten in someone’s yard. We have a feeling that if people were to find out where this car was, there would be a line of them trying to buy it from the current owner.

While we wish the car could be saved, we have no idea where the car is so it looks like the Corvette will remain as is until either the owner decides to sell it or an estate offers it to the public. Be sure to check out CorvetteBlogger for more information about this find.