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What’s cooler than the top down on the 427 Convertible? How about it UP? Before you grab your pitchforks and torches, allow me to explain. It seems that every picture you see of the 427  Convertible is with the top folded away. Is it because convertibles usually look their best with the tops down? Well some people might say that when the top goes up, things get boring.  

Well thanks to Haartz Corporation, the world’s largest supplier of convertible top fabrics, things don’t get boring when the top goes up any longer. In May 2011 they announced that they were developing a new top that would incorporate a car’s racing stripes into the fabric to make for a continuous-looking stripe. And what car has the honor of sporting this innovative design? That’s right, the smooth yet vicious 60th Anniversary 2013 427 Convertible.  

How is that possible? According to those who have seen it in person, it is a single piece of fabric with a striped pattern woven into the fabric. As you can tell in the pictures here, the colors are subtle, unlike the rest of the car that sports this optional graphics package, which includes the soft top stripes.

Regardless if you’re just a Sunday driver or a car show fanatic, you’d be hard pressed to dislike this added touch of creativity to an otherwise “boring” top. So if you find yourself the lucky owner of one of these fine machines, have no fear of those rain clouds or approach of nightfall, for you don’t have to be embarrassed to put the top up anymore.