We’ve been getting a steady stream of news from 510 Race Engineering’s Randy Chovanetz lately. With a healthy diet of some of the most impressively built LS powered machines coming out of their shop, it’s sort of difficult for us not to.

Take this 2011 C6 Grand Sport for instance. It belongs to John Armas, and comes to the party with a stock bottom end LS3, but has been massaged by 510 to get it down the ‘strip as quick as possible. In order for it to do so, it relies on a full array of bolt-ons, and a V3 Vortech supercharger.

Last week, it showed up at a track rental ready to break into the nines, and it did just that. We let Chovantez put it in is own words in what he changed from the previous 10.36 pass,

We got a slight more aggressive with the ignition timing and dropped 40 lbs. with my CCW drag pack. That’s it.  [We] put her on the scales and she grossed 3,540 [lbs.] with me in it. In fact, out of 10 or so (900+hp 10’s@145-150) corvettes out, we were one of the only cars actually driven to and from the track (street car @ 24 mpg). Anyway, we achieved our goal of our quest for the single digit ‘slip. The 60’s were consistently 1.40’s all day (had one 1.38 sixty ft.) on stock suspension.”

Impressive stuff. We’ll bring you more updates on this car as they come in, and we will continue to bring you the latest news on the fastest LS-powered cars in the country.