50’s Bel-Air Fins Meets Corvette C6

789-1There are many reasons people get involved in the car hobby, but at its core, people who care about cars are generally interested in two things: freedom and individuality. Cars offer a mobile canvas with which we can share our tastes and talents with the world. This includes the more creative individuals who prefer to drive a car that is neither cool nor menacing. The only way to describe such vehicles is odd.

789-3This custom 2008 Corvette C6 is certainly an oddball combination of a modern American sports cars and cherry-picked features from the late 1950’s Chevrolets. This Corvette will be up for auction at Mecum’s Pebble Beach auction in August, though it will take a special kind of buyer to want to drive this ‘Vette on the streets.

Where do we start with this wacky ride? From the sounds of it, this Corvette 3LT was left largely unmolested as far as engine, drivetrain, or suspension components went. Rather the Orange County-based builder, No 2 Alike (N2A), focused on a custom body that combines styling elements of late ’50’s Chevys. The hooded eye headlights and bumper are styled after the ’57 Chevy Bel-Air, while the midsection is modeled after a ‘58 Impala.

The “bird-in-flight” tailfins, meanwhile, come from the 1959 Impala, when automotive fin styling reached its zenith. While it’s difficult to tell from these pictures, this Corvette looks to have a full four feet or more of pure fin. Wild. The “789”, as it is called, will head to Mecum auction in August, and one buyer will be taking home a car that certainly is unlike anything else out there. Would you want to be seen driving this through a local cruise night?

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