427 Convertible- “It’s Not What We Put In It. It’s What We Didn’t!”

The 2013 427 Convertible is the most potent factory drop-top Corvette ever produced. Backed by a 427 CI (the name says it all) LS7 V8 cranking out 505 ponies, this will be the convertible of all convertibles. But Chevy doesn’t want you to get too caught up on what the new model has in it. It’s more about what it doesn’t have that makes it so special, at least according to a new video that just popped up on Chevy’s YouTube site. Check it out above.

It’s true that the new Corvette convertible will be the epitome of America’s favorite sports car. A combination of the beloved Z06 and ZR1 models brings a 505-horsepower engine to the table capable of cranking out 470 ft-lbs of torque. Talk about feeling the wind in your hair!

Other 427 Convertible amenities include a standard six-speed manual transmission (in fact, the convertible model will only be available with a stick-shift gear box), Magnetic Selective Ride Control, lightweight Cup wheels wrapped in Michelin PS2 rubber, and weight-reducing carbon fiber components. The only thing this Corvette doesn’t have is a roof.

And we certainly don’t see anyone complaining about getting slapped in the face with 505 ponies worth of wind, do we?

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