All the best cars come out to play at Carlisle…

Time flies when you’re having fun.  For Corvette fans, you know Fall cometh when Corvettes At Carlisle rolls around at the end of August each year.

The 2017 show runs from August 24th to the 27th and many new festivities are planned. Around five thousand cars make the pilgrimage each year and there is something for everyone at the show. According tot he Carlisle Events, this year the highlights include:

The Grandaddy of all Corvette Shows – In sleepy little Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Corvettes at Carlisle continues to grow and it does so because of your passion for the hobby. As such, we’re happy to announce some big time features for 2017 that should further enhance your experience at the Carlisle Fairgrounds for the biggest and best all-Corvette themed weekend in the world.

Carlisle is a great place to test your Corvette trivia chops.

Each feature mentioned below is also currently listed as a stand alone activity listing on the Corvette web page. Without any further ado, here are the coming attractions for this August’s event.

All the best cars on the east coast show up for the show...

  • Win a 2017 Stingray Coupe! For just $100, one of 1,000 tickets is all you need to win an all-new Corvette.
  • Chip’s Choice Theme this year will be the best of the best in the world of L88 Corvettes. Don’t miss out!
  • Reserved Fun Field Parking!
  • CMAF Benefit Dinner! The Chip Miller Amyloidosis Foundation is hosting a special dinner on Friday, August 25.
  •  30th Anniversary Callaway Reunion! Corvettes at Carlisle play host in 2017 to a amazing collection of Callaway Corvettes from 1987-2017.
    Learn more and reserve your space today!
  •  Callaway Speedster Display! Reeves Callaway and the Callaway Cars Team, in conjunction with Corvettes at Carlisle host the Callaway Speedster Reunion in August.
  •  Meet JD Orr! JD was the brains behind the design work on the 1976 mid-engine Aerovette and much more.

Here were some of the eye candy from last year's show...

Corvette Online with fly from sunny So Cal all the way to the east coast to bring you the news from the show.  Look for live FB feeds and coverage of all the greatest cars at the show.  Check out the 2016 show that we featured on Corvette Online last year.

For more information, go to Carlisle Events webpage for all the tickets, schedule and vendor info.