2016 Corvettes At Carlisle – Corvette Online Coverage Day #3

20160825_140641Hey folks, day 3 of Corvettes at Carlisle was a hoot!  Still hotter than Hades and with bilstering humidity to boot, but with 5000 Corvettes in attendance bring your water bottle along and grin and bear it.

This was the first weekend day of the show and the busiest so far. The last two days were easy to navigate, but today we have strollers, crying kids, wheelchairs and folks who broke their ankle yesterday, shuffling thorough the rows of cars. Evidently nothing will stop folks of all ages and abilities from seeing this spectacle.


But enough of that, lets get to the good stuff. We captured and uploaded 2 live stream videos to Corvette Online’s Facebook page. GM dispatched 2 Corvette VIPs to do walk-arounds of the 2017 Corvette and Corvette Online was there.


First up was Bill Palmer, quality guru at Bowling Green assembly and he talked about many diverse topics regarding the complexity of the Corvette and user guide tip and tricks. It was a very informative presentation. Go here for video

Second up was Harlan Charles, Program Manager – Chevrolet Corvette, and he gave a detailed overview of the the new Grand Sport and as well as the entire Corvette lineup.  He was very gracious and answered questions afterwards. Rest assured the Corvette is in very capable hands at General Motors. Go here for video


We did a deep drill down at the swap meet booths and had a glimpse into the greasy fingered business of dismantling and reselling bits of old Corvettes. It’s amazing after seeing so many pristine Corvettes at the show to imagine how many were run into the ground and left to rot.

Keep your eyes peeled to Corvette Online and Corvette Online Facebook for continuing coverage of the 2016 Corvettes at Carlisle Event. Cheers!


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