2016 Corvettes At Carlisle – Corvette Online Coverage Day #2

Day #2 of the 2016 Corvettes at Carlisle was a gas! We got to meet some Corvette VIPs, talked with some crazy cool Corvette folks and even saw a Corvette set ablaze after getting too hot during the burnout contest. Good stuff!  Be sure and check out Corvette Online Facebook for live feeds, interviews and videos.

Here are some observations from Day 2 of the 2016 Corvettes at Carlise show:

You don’t know squat about Corvettes. Even if you think you have a deep grasp of the Corvette, it’s history and culture, there will be someone you meet here that will enlighten with nuances about the plastic Chevy you never knew.

Think of the show as a 4 day, university extension class on all things Corvette, and aside from the price of the ticket to the show, its free and a fantastic bargain.

The Corvette hobby is alive and well

The “ecosystem” that’s supporting the Corvette is mind boggling and something every Civic driving, weenie app developer in Silicon Valley would kill for.

Heavy artillery, big ticket items run the gamut from tires, brakes, exhaust, motors, hell, you can build an entire car with parts from this show.

Lets not forget shirts, bras, key chains, toaster cozies, T-shirts, belt buckles, you name it, someone here at the show has a thriving small business supporting our favorite car.

Chevrolet is in on the game as well allowing you to order a new ‘Vette with touches, accessories and options from the factory that rival top custom car shops from around the globe. Chevy would love to sell you a set of Corvette luggage, floor mats, door still guards, too.

Yeah, older folks like Corvettes, so what?

Much hand wringing occurs over the current demographics of the Corvette. Based on activity at show and the PILES of money older Corvette owners have to burn, why on earth would Chevrolet abandoned these loyal buyers?

Oh, because they’ll be dead soon? Aside from that ageist, mean and morbid angle, this old gang has a lot of life left in ‘em and they’re gonna have fun in their “third act” and spend a boatload  of money along the way. Note to Automakers—avoid this demographic at your peril.

Stay tuned to Corvette Online and especially Corvette Online Facebook for live feeds, pics, interviews and walk around form yours truly, Dave Cruikshank.

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