2015 Z06 Coupe and Convertible Side-by-Side

Say you are a Corvette fanatic (aren’t we all?), but you are one of those Corvette fanatics that has a lot of disposable income – what do you do with that money burning a hole in your pocket? Our vote would be to use some of that unwanted money and purchase a 2015 Z06 which promises to be the most advanced Corvette ever made.

With all the hype that is being generated by the 2015 Z06, details seem to emerge on a daily basis shedding light on the finished product. We recently covered the updated power figures in the 2015 Z06 and to the astonishment of all, the 650 hp figure was more than what was previously reported. The 2015 Z06 promises to be a top tier performance car with new technology, a new power plant, and more downforce than any production GM vehicle. 

There is one minor problem that faces potential buyers head-on. If you are fortunate enough to be waiting to purchase a 2015 Z06, do you buy a coupe or do you buy a convertible? 

This is a daunting decision because while the coupe is the classic Z06 design and may offer more protection if the car ever went upside-down, the convertible is just new and awesome. GM was never able to offer a Z06 convertible before because prior generations have not had stiff enough frames. With the extensive amount of time GM spent designing the C7’s considerably more sturdy frame, a convertible Z06 option is now a reality! 

The convertible option might also be tough to ignore because who wouldn’t want to be able to go for a cruise with the top down and wind in your hair mid-summer? Well, to help with your decision process, check out the video showing both coupe and convertible side-by-side. Can we just have one of each? Please?

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