If you own a remotely nice car, you know that moment of hesitation before handing your keys to the parking valet. Will they clean out all the spare change in the cupholder? Will they turn up NPR full blast and blow out your smugwoofer? Will they perform a frame-by-frame reenactment of the valet scene from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?

I’ve waited my entire writing career for the chance to use this frame grab.

Of course they will. But at least with the 2015 Corvette’s valet mode, you can do something about it. The system allows owners to lock the interior storage, disable the infotainment system, and activate the Performance Data Recorder before handing over the car to surly, underpaid professional parking specialists.

“Think of it as a baby monitor for your car,” said Harlan Charles, Corvette product manager. “Anyone who has felt apprehension about handing over their keys will appreciate the peace of mind of knowing exactly what happened while their baby was out of sight.”

The PDR records 720P video as well as GPS data, and information about the car’s speed, lateral g-forces, and RPM. Hopefully your valet won’t get yours up past 140…

Of course no system is perfect – while valet mode won’t stop a determined hoon from thrashing your Stingray, at least you’ll have proof of the deed. Also unsaid in the video is whether it would be a good idea to lock down valet mode before handing your car over to the dealer for service