2015 C7’s to See a New Automatic Transmission

Choosing between a manual or an automatic transmission for a sports-car can be an emotion inducing debate for car enthusiasts. For the enthusiasts that are diehard manual transmission lovers, there is no other option and it doesn’t matter what kind of performance car it is, it just isn’t as cool unless there are three pedals and the option to bang some gears. On the other side of the debate, some people just like (or even need) the ease of driving automatic transmission vehicles whether it is out of choice or necessity. 

With the automotive industry’s progression over the last decade, it is becoming harder and harder to find a manual transmission in new cars. Their scarcity is caused in part by a lack of demand from buyers and from increasingly more effective and efficient automatic transmissions. 

For the C7, GM addressed the wants of all their customers and (thankfully) offered both a manual transmission and an automatic. The 2014 C7 was introduced with a six-speed automatic that was carried over from the C6 and a new seven-speed manual transmission that was welcomed with open arms.

With manual lovers getting a new transmission with the C7, GM decided it would be automatic lovers turn this September. New for the 2015 C7, all units produced with an automatic transmission will be getting a new eight-speed automatic (the same automatic found in the 2015 Z06) that will be used across the entire C7 product line with only mild programing differences depending on what model it will be going into (Stingray LT1 or Z06).

Unfortunately, the new eight-speed will not be a dual clutch transmission. Before diehard manual fans start sending hate mail to GM, you first must appreciate the advancements with the new eight-speed including shift times that will be faster than the Porsche 911’s automatic and eight speeds that are sure to help in the acceleration and fuel economy departments.   

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