2014 Corvette Stingray: The Best Seats of Any Car?

corvette-seats-1The Chevrolet Corvette has, for 60 years, provided (relatively) cheap thrills and (kinda) affordable fun for generation after generation of Americans. But as fast and fun as the Corvette was, with its lightweight body and big V8, one area that was always lacking was the interior quality. With a focus on shaving weight, the Corvette’s seats tended to be thin, weak, and rather uncomfortable, resulting in a lot of complaints about interior quality, especially for the C5 and C6 eras.

corvette-seats-2Engineers working on the 2014 Corvette heard these complaints and made improvements to the seat design, among other things. So how good are the new seats? According to Forbes, the 2014 Corvette has some of the best seats of any car in the market. Bold words, but there’s good reason for that statement.

Unlike many sports cars, the 2014 Corvette actually gained 90 pounds over its predecessor, and 11 of those pounds went into a heavier, sturdier seat. The Corvette C6 had thin, lightweight seats that were the source of much griping, so GM installed aluminum-and-magnesium seat frames that are thicker and are through-bolted to the chassis. This makes the seats more rigid and less likely to creak or shift during high-speed cornering.

These seats also meet the government’s new whiplash standard for seat safety without the use of intrusive, protruding headrests. To wrap things up, quite literally, GM used higher-quality leather and tasteful stitching to give everything a fancier look, while also incorporating a power-reclining seat option for the first time ever on a Corvette. All in all, these are by far the best seats on a Corvette ever.

But the best seats of any car? We’re sure a few automakers might take issue with that remark.


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