2014 Corvette Stingray Becomes Monopoly Token

chevy-corvette-monopoly-empire-token-1While the roots of the Parker Brothers hit board game Monopoly go all the way back to 1903, the first Monopoly game wasn’t actually sold until 1935. Since then, Monopoly has gone through many variations, upgrades, and changes, always trying to stay current with popular culture. Earlier this year Monopoly even let players choose a new replacement piece for the classic game, retiring the old standby clothes iron for a kitty cat.

monopoly-2The latest version of Monopoly, called Monopoly Empire, lets players take control not of old Atlantic City streets, but rather real life global brands like Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and McDonalds. This new game also includes new game pieces, like a Coke bottle, an Xbox controller, and the all-new 2014 Corvette Stingray.

There have been literally dozens of versions of Monopoly, including Star Wars, Futurama, Family Guy, and even a Mustang edition. Yet despite this, there has never been a Corvette Monopoly piece or game edition, at least until now. The Corvette joins a Ducati motorcycle as one of two vehicle game pieces.

GM is sure making an effort to try and snag Corvette buyers at a younger and younger age, and who wouldn’t be tempted by a Corvette over a Coke bottle? Monopoly Empire certainly brings a fresh new feel to the almost 80-year old board game, as does the all-new Corvette. Will the C7 show up in any other board games, we wonder?

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