2014 COMP Cams Product Catalogs Now Available For Downloading

cpg1Technology can be a great thing, or a bad thing, depending on how you spin it. On one side of the coin, the smaller shops can now reach out to millions where they used to be able to reach out to locals.

cpg3On the other side of that coin, you have to be prepared to handle the influx of new customers who live in regions all over the world.

If you’re already a big company, like COMP Performance Group (CPG) then the masses have already been at your doorstep, usually asking for more. With CPG encompassing nearly everything you need for your performance vehicle, getting to see all of those parts can mean hours on the computer browsing their web site.

The flip side to all of this technology is that online parts catalogs have become increasingly easier to download and store on your own computer, and CPG has their full line of catalogs available for enthusiasts everywhere.

These catalogs include: COMP Cams, TCI Auto (TCI), Fuel Air Spark Technology (FAST), Tomar Racing Clutches by Quarter Master, Racing Head Service (RHS), ZEX Nitrous Products and Inglese. Also available on their site is the 2014 New Products Digital Catalog, available for download as well.

cpg2And for you old schoolers who like to have a tangible product in your hand to dog-ear and paperclip favorite pages, you can still check the boxes below the specific catalogs and CPG will send you a catalog for free – including postage. The two Master Catalogs, COMP Cams and TCI, are also available for a small fee of $6.00, including postage.

It’s always great that you can see all of your new toys for your musclecar online in one place, and that means it’s also easier to spend your hard-earned cash on all of those parts.

So technology can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how well you can hide your purchases from your significant other! Check out the catalogs at the COMP Performance Group’s website and get your download started.


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