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2014 Callaway Corvette Supercharger Package Priced and Detailed

callaway-1When it comes to Corvette tuners, few names are as well known or revered as Callaway Cars. The Connecticut-based tuner has produced some of the most legendary performance Corvettes on the planet, including the twin-turbo, 250+ MPH “Sledgehammer.” With the all-new 2014 Corvette Stingray arriving at dealerships and in driveways, there are plenty of people eagerly anticipating Callaway’s first performance packages.

Supercharger package + Aerowagon = very yes

Supercharger package + Aerowagon = very yes

Well the details are in, and they’re bound to make Corvette enthusiasts happy. Callaway is promising to crank power to 610 ponies and 556 pound-feet of torque thanks to an Eaton supercharger sitting atop the new LT1 engine.

That’s nearly as much power as the previous-generation Corvette ZR1, though it was a lot more work than just bolting on a blower. Callaway engineers worked hard to improve the supercharger housing, manifold, and intercooler to increase performance. Callaway also added an integrated underhood heat extractor connecting to a carbon hood surround.

As one of the first supercharger packages for the 2014 Corvette, you can bet people will be lined up ready to spend whatever Callaway is asking. The package will set you back $22,995 on top of the cost of a 2014 Corvette, and that’s before adding other options like Callaway’s AeroWagon package. A supercharged Corvette wagon with 610 horsepower? All day.

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