2014 C7 Stingray Limited Production Options Revealed


When the small print says, “This material is not legally approved for use in any advertising. It is intended for use by dealership employees only and is not to be disseminated to, or reviewed by, consumers,” you know we’re gonna disseminate and review it… That’s just what the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette LPO (Limited Production Option) list warns, and while it’s not exactly Area-51-secret, it gives a little insight into what combinations will be possible for Stingrays ordered later this year. Thanks to CorvetteBlogger.com, we can now pass this information along to you.

An LPO differs from an RPO (Regular Production Option) in that it’s dealer-installed rather than something included from the factory. The LPO card describes it as, “…a preordered option that includes a single accessory or a collection of accessories that are part of a special package.” Current LPOs include things like premium floor mats for the passenger compartment and cargo area, chrome 5-spoke “Torque” wheels, and a Cyber Gray grille option. Interestingly, there’s a column for “Suggested Penetration Rates” that provides a peek at how popular Chevy thinks certain upsells will be with the buying public – the VYW floor mat package leads the pack at 75%

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The future LPO list adds things like an NCM registry plaque, spoilers in two different designs (with the Z51 style available in painted Carbon Flash or body color), and the intriguingly-named-but-probably-mundane “Highway Safety Kit.”

Of course, with initial demand running high, but with savvy potential buyers having the ability to comparison shop coast-to-coast for their dream Stingray, the LPO program provides dealers a chance to “load up” their initial allotments with profitable options and make some coin, without the appearance of price gouging.

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