2014 C7 Corvette a No-Show During Super Bowl Halftime

The 108 million of people who tuned in for Sunday’s Big Game halftime show got a treat from Beyonce. She performed some of her top hits during the game, coming out with a neon-lit stage that silhouetted her “form.” Football fans out in the audience loved it, obviously, but that wasn’t supposed to be the only highlight of the performance.

Beyonce performing at the 2013 Super Bowl.

According to Yahoo News (sourcing a style blogger who was part of the crowd that surrounded the stage, and was present for rehearsals), Beyonce was supposed to pull up in the 2014 Corvette – where it was then supposed to turn into a Transformer right before the audience’s eyes – seriously. We’re not exactly sure how Chevrolet and Beyonce’s management team planned on puling that off, but that was the plan:

“We finally gathered in the dome, where we got to see how the stage was set up and tried to guess who would be popping out of the red Corvette we saw at the back of the stage.

Finally, we were led onto the field and placed in the positions we had rehearsed on Sunday…Then finally, it was her! She arrived on the stage fresh faced and gorgeous, signature honey blond hair swept to the side, a black long sleeve tee and a pair of Phillip Lim harem pants. Suddenly, the Corvette turned into a transformer before our eyes and we realized Beyoncé herself was going to be coming out of it.”

It might have had something to do with not wanting to reveal too much about the upcoming fourth installment of the Transformers franchise. Or maybe the shape-shifting Corvette was shy, especially since it’s been mistaken for everything from a Camaro to a Ferrari.

All jokes aside, General Motors had elected not to do any on-air advertising at this year’s Super Bowl for reasons unknown to us. Beyond the MVP presentation, GM’s profile at the Super Bowl was a far cry from years past.

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