The C7 is on its way, but the C6 still has one more year model before it takes a bow, and 2013 is looking like it will be a banner year for the Vette. Our friends at Corvette Blogger recently found the 2013 Corvette Order Guide, and have it available for download on their site. The order guide lays out every available option for the 2013 Vette, and as you would expect there have been a few additions and subtractions to the available equipment.

Since the Centennial Package was obviously only around to celebrate Chevrolet’s Centennial, it is no longer included in the Order Guide, along with the Carbon Flash Metallic paint that went along with it. Additionally, the love-it-or-hate-it Carlisle Blue Metallic paint color looks to have also been cut from the lineup. New additions for the 2013 Corvette include the awesome Z06 in disguise as the 60th Anniversary 427 Convertible, and a whole host of 60th Anniversary badges on every Corvette model.

There are even more new options, as well as more deletions, and the guys at Corvette Blogger have a very thorough break down of all the changes for 2013. Check it out here, and download a copy of the 2013 Corvette Order Guide to take a gander at for yourself.