Josh Jacquot gives us a brief analysis on both cars, prior to testing.

Last week, we brought you the tale of Edmunds stacking the 2012 Corvette ZR1 against a brand new, 2013 Viper on the dyno. The Vette won that battle, edging out the SRT by a few ponies and 85 lb-ft at the rollers. Some of you were impressed, while others simply made excuses for the reptile.

Edmunds, already beating the Viper around a road course, on the dyno and at the dragstrip with the ZR1, decided to take both cars to the Willow Springs circuit in, well, Willow Springs, California for a good ole’ American burnout contest.

Although neither of the two are technically musclecars, both vehicles are aimed to the high performance enthusiasts – who are more than likely to light them up on Saturday night. That’s why this test is relevant to people like us.

Edmunds auto journalist, Josh Jacquot, walks us through both cars and reminds us of the Corvette’s prior victories. Then it became time to put up or shut up, and the Vette did exactly that, putting a 100 foot lead over the SRT in the contest of the longest 11’s. In case you’re wondering, the total for the Vette was 514 feet and 3 inches.

Sure, there are a few reasons why the Vette won. Namely, the tires are narrower, the blown LS9 provides more low end torque than the V10, and according to their last review, this particular ZR1 puts down more power and torque over this particular Viper. Either way, it’s still a good thing to be a Corvette fan.

The difference in the amount of smoke the two cars produce sums it up - even if you don't watch the video.