2011 Motorist Choice Awards Given to the Corvette and Camaro

Even if you don‘t see them everywhere you turn, Corvettes are a very popular sports car model. In fact, the Corvette was just recognized as a 2011 Motorist Choice Award winner. But that’s not the only Chevy that was recognized; the Camaro also won a Motorist Choice Award. Thanks to CorvetteBlogger for sharing the good news.

Based on IntelliChoice’s ownership cost observations and AutoPacific’s surveys on ownership satisfaction, the Motorist Choice Awards recognize vehicles that have lower-than-expected ownership costs, yet a high level of owner satisfaction. Vehicles are put in 15 different lifestyle categories for the awards, including ones like “Eco-Friendly” and “Head Turner.” Categories are then divided into either a “Popular” segment or a “Premium” segment based on the budget for each category.

The Corvette won the Popular segment of the Performance category, making it a budget-friendly choice for sports car enthusiasts. The Camaro also won in the Popular segment but in the Head Turner category. As for the Premium segment winners, the Cadillac Escalade won in the Performance category and the Porsche Panamera in the Head Turner category. The Escalade, the only other GM vehicle in the mix, also won the Premium segment of the High Tech category.

We’re excited that the two iconic Chevrolet sports cars won the popular vote in two separate categories. This just goes to show how popular the Corvette and Camaro are. Chevrolet is obviously doing something right when it comes to the sports cars they have on the market. With the C7 set to release in a couple years and the new ZL1 poised to hit the market next spring, we look forward to seeing Chevrolet’s sports cars continue to maintain their record of owner satisfaction and grow in popularity. For a full list of categories and winners, check out the award results on CorvetteBlogger.com.

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