When asked to describe attributes of a performance car most will answer with speed, acceleration, cost of repairs and how many sets of tires it will go through. A reputation for reliability is normally reserved for the Japanese imports, but the guys over at CorvetteBlogger posted news that will make the doubters eat their words.

IntelliChoice named the Chevrolet Corvette one of the Best Overall Values for the 2011 model year. In fact, the Corvette was the only General Motors car to make the list. IntelliChoice takes information manufacturers, third parties and the government to determine the cost of ownership in combination with the price of the vehicle. A consumer group has finally recognized the performance, durability and reliability of the Corvette. What makes this recognition as a best overall value even more impressive it that overall number of winners was cut down to a mere 21 this year (previous years had as many as 46 different winners).

“Not surprising were wins from Chevrolet Corvette and Mini Cooper Convertible; both were awarded honors for their class leading value retention and lower cost to insure,” a direct quote from the IntelliChoice website. It is amazing to read the Corvette has a lower cost to insure than other competitors in the same class, but why look a gift horse in the mouth? With tax refunds on the horizon, perhaps it time to look at a new Corvette (it will save you money).