During a dyno day at JBA Performance, the San Diego chapter of the Porsche Club of America tested some German muscle, but a ZR1 Corvette got into the mix and made its presence known.  This 2009 ZR1 almost stole the show when it tried to climb off the dyno during the test. When a vehicle requires someone to press down on the rear of the car, it is almost guaranteed to put down some serious numbers.

According to JBA, the ZR1 made 579 horsepower and 689 ft-lb of torque to the tires and for that reason it was dubbed “king of the dyno” for this event. Those numbers did seem a little high for stock, even for a factory supercharged ZR1. Based on the information provided to JBA Performance Exhaust about this car, long tube headers and performance tune were added and may explain the results.

Bruce Tucker, General Manager of JBA, had the pleasure of pulling this beautiful Corvette on to the dyno. With nearly 700 ft lb of torque this car was destined to stand out from the crowd; the combination of high horsepower and torque can result in “jumping” while on the dyno and this ZR1 displayed this delightfully without any negative consequences. However the ZR1 did manage to end up with a strange-looking dyno sheet. Tucker added, “the air/fuel ratio column on the dyno sheet was inaccurate during a portion of the run because the wideband O2 sensor began to blow out of the tailpipe.”