Every year when car manufacturers prepare to launch their latest vehicles, they build a series of “pilot cars.” These vehicles are built and developed after the prototype stage, but prior to the production copies. Typically they are put together by the assembly line workers for training purposes and to test any potential production problems.

They are often driven by management employes and road test magazine editors for an extended period of time. Once their tenure is over, more often than not they meet with an untimely demise. But every so often, one or two will slip through the cracks.

Despite it being four years old, this pilot ZR1 still looks new inside and out, and only sports 13,000 miles on its ticker.

What you’re looking at on this page is one of those cars, and in this case, it’s one of the very first 2009 Corvette ZR1’s ever produced. It’s 1-of-60 to be precise. Amazingly enough, it somehow ended up at a classic car dealership called Fast Lane Collector Cars located in St. Charles, Missouri.

This “Captured Test Fleet Vehicle” is a fully loaded 3ZR, one-owner example that has every possible available luxury and convenience option that could be ordered for the C6 ZR1’s inaugural production year. Sprayed in the timeless and simple shade of Black, the potential next owner of this car will get to sit in the Dark Titanium leather/suede seating upholstery and observe the low odometer reading that depicts the total mileage of 13,041.

For 90-large it’s not what we would call cheap, but given its history, significance,  and incredible condition we think it’s not that bad of a deal. Look at it this way – it’s roughly $30k cheaper than a new 2013 version, which works out to about $2.30 in depreciation for every mile on the odometer…