Every year, if a car does not get a total redesign, it gets some tweaks to help keep it fresh, and the Corvette is no exception. Often times the tweaks include a price increase, but the 2009 Corvette is remaining a little sympathetic to the economy, by offering a lower priced version of the convertible, called the 1LT package!

The 2009 version of this American icon offers a little bit of the digital era, with a new Bluetooth capability option for wireless linking of your phone to your car for easy hands-free communication.

Colors are one of the biggest differences for 2009, with the addition of Cyber Gray Metallic and Blade Silver Metallic for the exterior. The interior also gets two new leather wrapped color options: Dark Titanium and Ebony join Sienna and Linen.

You can’t loose sight of the fact that the Corvette is a sports car, so performance is the most important thing. While the engines go unchanged for 2009, the variable rate steering becomes standard on all models. So what does that mean? The ratio of how much the wheels turn, when the steering wheel is not consistent. That allows the means making minor steering adjustments at speed is easier, without sacrificing the ability to navigate through a parking lot.

Of course the biggest Corvette news for 09, is the new ZR-1, but that is a whole different story.