C6 Corvette Z06 Abandoned In Storage Locker Has Just 700 Miles

Some of us set a new pair of sneakers aside to avoid that first scuff, or buy a new tee shirt so you can enjoy it a few weeks later. However, putting a car in storage and forgetting about it—and not just any car, a Z06 Corvette—that might be a sign you’ve got too much going on.

Photos: Jalopnik

Nevertheless, someone has done exactly that. A 2009 Z06 Corvette with just 700 miles on the clock is currently available on eBay after being discovered in a storage unit.

Better than a Barn Find

You’ve probably heard stories about people who find vintage Porsches and Ferraris stashed away in barns on the east coast. Nostalgic though they might be, those cars still need a lot of attention to achieve their full potential. This 2009 ‘Vette, however, is ready to hit the streets with nothing more than a quick oil change.

The car is decked out in gloss black and comes with the increasingly rare manual transmission. As Corvettes go, this is the top-of-the-line car for 2009, and yet someone felt like the best place for it was in a storage locker.

New old ‘Vette

The collector market for Corvettes is strong, but it’s hard to put a price tag on this new/old car because it’s not a limited-production model or one of a small number of cars with specific options. Still, it appears to have been extremely well kept. Next to its home in the storage facility, the only place it might have been safer from the elements is a sealed, temperature-controlled garage.

As you can see from the image below, it cleaned up pretty well after a quick wash. And despite the fact that it has minor cosmetic damage, the fact that it is only sporting 700 miles on the odometer is every Corvette owner’s dream. We hope it doesn’t just get parked again, but we definitely couldn’t blame anyone for keeping it in pristine condition. With the veritable LS7 lurking under the hood, an engine sure to become collectible at some point, it’s only a matter of time before this piece of automotive history starts appreciating–well, more than it already has with such low mileage.

The black leather interior is in perfect condition, but the car is not perfect, suffering from some minor cosmetic damage that was probably inflicted while moving it into the storage facility. The car recently got a new set of tires, and the fluids have been changed, so all you would have to do to take it for a spin is brush the dust off.

Something that might dissuade someone from buying the vehicle would be the fact that it likely has a large lien on the car or severe title issues. There’s probably a reason it just sat in a storage locker until someone bought it and cleared it out. However, initial bids on the car were in the $30,000 range, though they soon skyrocketed and the car just sold for $57k. So you can abandon your hopes of getting a bargain Z06, but keep checking those storage sheds to see what you might find.

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