Not too often do we run across former prize cars for sale on the internet. I mean sure, there are those occasional instances where a brand new, V6 pony car was won by a little old lady at the local church festival raffle, only to be placed in an ad in the paper for a good price less than a week later.

But how often do you hear about a guy who entered to win not one, but two Corvettes for the annual Corvette Dream Giveaway, only to sell off one of the cars just a short time later? It’s not a stocker either; the Corvette in question is a ’08 427-stroked, LS3-powered convertible that was awarded to C. Rutherford Jr., of Monticello, Georgia on January, 25th 2009. In the three and a half years Mr. Rutherford has owned his automatic-equipped C6 Vette, his car has only accumulated 4,256 miles.

We spotted the ad for the car on none other than Lingenfelter’s website. Tragically, Mr. Rutherford has fallen victim to cancer, and is forced to sell the car. His personal email address is attached to the ad, so if you’re serious about obtaining the 2008 Dream Giveaway car, contact him via the provided link. We wish him the best with a speedy recovery, and the sale of his prized automobile.

With all of the performance and appearance upgrades this car sports, it’s absurdly low mileage, and not to mention its “celebrity” factor, the asking price of $60k may not sound too steep to some of you.