piranha-5The 1970s were a time of shifting priorities in America, with fuel economy and shades of yellow, orange, and brown replacing the pastel colors and big-engine muscle cars of the 1960s. Take for example the third-generation Chevy Corvette, which gradually shifted from a two-seat sports car into a “grand touring” coupe, with emphasis on touring more than performance.

This led to the rise of highly-customized Corvettes of questionable tastes and trends, like the 1976 “Piranha” found by CarBuzz that once long ago auditioned for a starring role in the movie “Corvette Summer.” Alas, it didn’t make the cut, but its unique look can be yours for the right price.

Depending on your tastes, this 1976 Corvette L88 might actually be a bit of an improvement over the original. Granted, the edgy hood is a little outlandish, and the addition of Camaro tail lights is a questionable decision. Also, the blue interior is so-very-70s, and it is only once on the inside that you notice the Batman symbol in the middle of the steering wheel, and the orange flashing light to go on the roof.

Suddenly the swoopy bodykit and Piranha name make more sense; this Corvette was inspired by none other than the Batman. Sort of? Regardless, this highly-custom Corvette is an exercise in making the most of a “meh” vehicle like a mid-70s Corvette. For $12,000, would you embrace this blue Batmobile?