1966 Corvette Autocrosser Up For Sale

If you’ve never had a chance to try out an autocross, you have no idea what you’re missing. It’s probably the most fun you can have on four wheels, as the test of man and machine’s capabilities provides an incredible adrenaline rush and will be sure to hook you in for more.  We used to think that drag racing was the ultimate test, until we had the chance to turn a few cones over and really experience the dynamics of how a vehicle handles. The Corvette has always been one of the best-handling examples of an autocrosser out there, and its uniquely-American feel will give you smiles for miles. Add in a fully-prepped suspension, roll-cage, and a great set of tires and you’ve just turned the fun quotient up to 11.

This 1966 ‘Vette appears to be a well-constructed machine, complete with a 540-horse 377 cubic inch small block, Tremec T56 six-speed, and fully-updated suspension. One of the nice things about building a ‘crosser from scratch out of a Corvette body is that you’ve got the ability to widen the fenders to get more tire under the car – always a welcome addition for a car that will spend lots of time turning corners. The 17×11 wheels sport 315/35/17 tires – that’s twelve inches of rubber on the ground at all four corners. With a full cage and Recaro seats, the interior must be a nice place to do some work, and the owner claims to drive the car to and from events and on the street regularly. If you’re in the market for some corner-carving, check it out!

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