One of the top guy-sites on the web is – usually more noted for its Top 99 Women of 20xx articles and surveys than automotive savvy. However, at the moment they seem to be having a car guy attack and, in the interest of making you a better man, they are taking the issue of which ‘Vette is better head on.

How do you like it when we invade YOUR turf, Huh?

Their discussion is interesting, if a bit shallow. It is rather like us debating the question “Which would make a better partner? Carmen Electra or Halle Berry.” To me, of course the answer is, “It depends on what I’m feeling like,” and you probably feel the same.

In the end, says, “Perhaps it was a no-brainer from the beginning, but we can’t avoid the obvious — the winner is very clearly the 1963 Corvette Coupe Sting Ray. While the 2011 brings better performance, and at just under $50,000, has tremendous value for the money among sports cars, the appeal of the 1963 Corvette — and its impact on the automotive industry for decades to come — is undeniable.”

It’s probably good that they didn’t get into whether you’d rather have a car or a, eh.. partner. You know how that one goes:

– Cars don’t get upset when you forget their birthday.
– You don’t have to talk to your car after you drive it.
– If your car is too loose, you can tighten it.
– It’s always OK to use tie downs on your car.
– Cars don’t whine unless something is really wrong.

… and so on.

We should probably make a deal with – You talk about the women, and leave the Corvette talk to us.