Several weeks ago we brought you the news that one of the first Corvettes ever produced was heading to auction at RM Auctions’ event in Arizona, and considering the car has the VIN of 005 and a slew of rare factory options, experts were estimating that the car would sell for somewhere between $450,000 and $600,000. Corvette Blogger is now reporting that the rare ’53 Vette fell slightly short of those estimations at the auction last Friday, still selling for the astronomical price of $445,500.

The #005 Corvette has a very well documented history and is something of a production anomaly. Being that it was one of the first 12 Corvettes produced in 1953, it rides on a unique frame that was originally built for the Motorama cars. It is also is also one of just three early model ‘53’s that were sold to the public wearing basic Bel Air hubcaps rather than the ones that had been specially designed just for the new Corvette, and was never equipped with a side rear-view mirror.

Even though it didn’t quite make the expected sales price, the #005 Corvette has still landed itself among the most expensive Corvettes ever sold, and has cemented its rightful place among the most historically significant Corvettes still in existence.