We love a customary Corvette or Camaro, either old or new, with good old late-model LS power. But lately we’ve found ourselves gravitating towards the extremes of the LS swap world. There’s just something fun and inspiring about a weird project car that’s completely out of the ordinary. This truck we recently came across on Speed Hunters definitely grabbed our attention as one such project, and we just had to share it with you.

What you see before you is reportedly a 1949 Chevy pickup (…that looks its age…) that has had a C5 suspension and driveline grafted under its 60-plus year old body, including a stock LS1 power plant up front. It looks great for scaring the neighborhood kids, but isn’t good for much else since they bed was removed to fit the Corvette’s rear-mounted transaxle. Not all that strange to you yet? LS1 swaps and custom C5 based suspension have been around for years now, right? Well, what if we told you this farm truck from hell was set up for drifting of all things?

…Looks like fun to us.

Check out Speed Hunter’s full write up and photo gallery of this tire-blazing farm machine here.