Flashing neon lights and a killer stereo system adorn Hayden Friend’s Corvette; fortunately the 18-month-old girl does not need a driver’s license to cruise her show car around. According to Hayden’s mother, Sandra Friend, her husband began planning the Power Wheels project the day the pregnancy test showed a plus sign.

Dean Friend started designing one of the most excessive Power Wheels Corvette projects this site has ever seen. Starting off with an innocent looking C6-inspired kiddie Corvette, Mr. Friend started the modification process and began to add stereo components to enhance his daughter’s first project car. As time passed (and by time we mean months), Friend kept up his frantic pace adding more power for the system along with custom lights to keep Hayden happy. Along with the increasing stereo and light show, Hayden’s father repainted his daughter’s Corvette from the original red to a murdered-out black paint scheme.

Sandra Friend provided pictures showcasing Hayden and her father taking home a variety of trophies from several shows. Of course the video provides a clue as to the volume that a tricked out Power Wheels stereo can provide; Marilyn Manson may be an interesting choice of tunes for a toddler, but it certainly beats the pure audio hell known as The Wiggles or the Barney song.

Tricking out a Power Wheels may not be the most common thing, but it is one way to get the next generation interested in cars at a young age. Hopefully, Hayden will continue to enjoy her Corvette and continue to enjoy the hobby as she grows up.