With ProCharger Onboard, How Much Horsepower Can Your C7 Z06 Have?

IMG_2166Those of you that follow Corvette Online on a regular basis may recognize some of the this, as we published a piece a while back showing the very first pictures of a ProCharger equipped C7 Z06. ProCharger has been building superchargers for daily driven streetcars for years. Some of these kits have even added over 200 hp to people’s street machines without sacrificing durability or drivability. While they have satisfied an immense number of customers over the years, there has always been a select group of drivers that really want a lot more power. The issue has been that the engines lacked the internal designs and components to handle large amounts of boost and horsepower. Luckily, GM built the LT4 for the new Z06 in a manner that can handle a serious increase in power.


2015_corvette_z06_procharger_supercharged_underhood_satin_intake_black_cover_rear_fullProCharger initiated their project by building a completely custom LT4 intake manifold that simply bolts into place where the roots-sytle supercharger previously sat. Their intake is constructed using a CNC billet intake runner and baseplate, and is completed with thick walled sheetmetal which can withstand incredibly high levels of boost.

ProCharger also added, “Spending lots of time in the design stages helped to not only optimize flow and power potential, but it also ensured the factory hood line was maintained.”

Fortunately, for those of you that own a C7 Stingray, ProCharger has made this intake for your engines as well.


Additionally, several head units are available which allow you to choose just how much power you want your LT4 to make. The base level system comes with the incredibly efficient, P-1SC-1, which is capable of producing 725 rwhp or 825 hp at the crank. If you should desire, you can step all the way up to the F-2 head unit which can support 1,600 hp!

To top it off, each ProCharger is constructed from aircraft-grade billet aluminum, their gear cases are CNC billet for added strength, and each supercharger is self-contained, in that it is equipped with its own oiling system. No need to tap into the factory system.




According the ProCharger, they have completed a rigorous schedule of road course testing, drag strip testing, lab testing, and even a series of stop-and-go traffic testing. They filled us in further, “We put our intercooler system through its paces to make sure it would keep the air temps cool, engine temps cool, as well as leave all the amazing aerodynamics of the C7’s design in place.”

ProCharger actually designed two different intercooler systems. The correct design for you is dependent upon how your car will be primarily used. Before you order your own unit, be sure to figure out which is the best option for you. The guys at ProCharger are happy to help!


2015-chevrolet-corvette_100452508_lIt is no secret that many Corvette owners can be hesitant to permanently alter their vehicle in a fashion that prevents it from ever going back to stock, and we frankly we can’t blame them. Luckily, ProCharger has you covered here as well, this kit is 100-percent reversible.

Because the supplied intake manifold bolts in place of the factory supercharger, all of the original equipment can be unbolted and reinstalled at any point should you choose to do so. There is absolutely no cutting, bending, tweaking, or trimming of any sort.


In addition to what is available directly from ProCharger, we had the opportunity to speak with Sean Wilson who has been working with the car for that last several months. Wilson explained, “The car has a completely new system engineered around the all new C7 Z06. Everything was built in-house using this car, the entire process took 15 weeks start to finish, and the car is amazing – we could not be happier with the results. The car drives like stock until you hit the throttle, and it will destroy just about anything on the road.”

Initially the car was making around 725 rwhp, but has since gone back under the knife. Wilson added, “Advanced Modern Performance (AMP) added a Brian Tooley top-end package including: cam, springs, head studs, valves, and everything else from their LT4 kit. We also added American Racing 2-inch headers with an off-road X-pipe, the new F1x ProCharger, and a dual-nozzle Alky Control methanol injection system. On 93 octane fuel and 20 pounds of boost, the car puts 917 hp to the rear wheels. With the most recent addition of 4-inch intercooler piping, and increased boost, the car pushes over 1,000 to the rear wheels.”

We wish Wilson and AMP the best of luck in continuing to push the performance of their Z06, and look forward to catching up with them and ProCharger at SEMA 2015 to see what additional progress has been made!


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