14K Gold C6 Pendants: For The Vette Owner With Everything

We are going to do our best to withhold all judgments about anyone who might like these, especially since it is a fact that many Corvette owners and enthusiasts have a natural affinity towards gold. If you are the type of Corvette guy or gal that enjoys adorning yourself with precious metals and gemstones, we have got just the thing for you.

Thanks to Kim’s Gold Dust, you can get your Miami Vice on with these jewel encrusted, solid 14 carat gold C6 Corvette pendants. The pedants come in a variety of profiles of the C6 and even come in convertible form. The C6 Pendants are also offered in a variety of bling levels; everything from the standard ruby tail lights, to adding diamonds to the license plate, back window, windshield, or headlights. There is something for every budget – for the beater C4 budget there is the $40 sterling silver crossed flags medallion, and for the ZR1 budget there is the $855 C6 front profile with diamonds across the front windshield. And as a red-blooded American Corvette enthusiast, you can rest well at night knowing that each of Kim’s Gold Dust C6 Pendants are made right here in the U.S.A.

Now if you are about to start criticizing, take a minute to stop and think about this –obviously there’s a large enough market for $800 Gold Corvette Pendants, otherwise no one would be selling them. So, if you’ve got the cash, and really want everyone to know how much you love your C6, Kim’s Gold Dust can help you express yourself.

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