1,000HP Chevy Colorado Sports LS7 Power

Typically, we don’t give a lot of attention to the goings on in the drifting community not because we don’t like drifting, in fact, drifting has provided us with some of the most impressive photography and illustrations of masterful driving that we’ve seen in years; no, it’s because, well, it’s mainly Japanese cars.

Only in the last few years (as well as some key examples beforehand) have domestics really taken to the main stage of this sport. This flashy red Colorado might not be as impressive looking as say a GTO or a Viper hazing some serious rubber, that’s because you’re not seeing the whole picture.

This truck took three years to become what it is today. The brainchild of Steve Nairn at MRBP in Hutchinson, Kansas, this demure short bed, short cab Colorado is not just another Chevrolet mini truck. Not at all…

Nairn documented the three year built of this drifting truck, titled “Colorado Speed,” over at 355nation.net around the summer of 2009 with the final update around this past October.

Nairn started off with a regular old Cororado and ended with a tubbed, caged, and seriously tricked out mini truck touting some serious GMPP horsepower in the form of a LS7. The go-fast goodies don’t end there, but we think the gnarly 19-page thread (loaded with tons and tons of pictures) dedicated to the truck’s conception, creation and completion is more impressive than anything we can write here.

So far, there’s no video of the Colorado Speed in action, but we’re sure once word gets out, Nairn will quickly update the thread with some video footage.

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