Our regular readers know how we’re eBay junkies always on the lookout for someone’s used car to talk about. Occasionally we do this for laughs like the ’78 Batvette we brought you some time ago, or to give you guys a heads up, and share a real barn find like the 13-mile ’78 Pace Car we ran across recently.

But we also like to browse other lesser-known auction and classified sites, and we actually heard about this lot from Facebook of all places. Apparently, someone named Charlie Brown (seriously) has decided to pursue other interests and is now selling off his “collection” of 100 salvaged Corvettes all ranging from model years 1968 to 1990. Some of them are mostly complete with running gear, others, not so much.

They were all consigned to be sold, minus title, through the Whittington Auction and Appraisal LLC out of Forest City, North Carolina. All vehicles have been inspected by the NC Department of Motor Vehicles prior to the sale, to ensure to any potential bidders that none of the cars were previously stolen, and all came with a bill of sale upon purchase. Most of the Vettes were previously purchased from insurance companies after they had been written off, so they’re all essentially parts cars.

The auction was held on Saturday, November 5th, and we’re not sure what the total proceeds were, but they couldn’t have been too much. Just so you know, there was a man with a forklift on site to lift whatever hulks were sold onto the buyers’ flatbed truck for “$25 cash” – it’s hard to imagine a more depressing Corvette auction, but maybe some of these unloved skeletons will find new life as part of somebody’s restoration project or race car.