10 Most Likely Cars To Get Pulled Over In


Thanks to our pals over at Jalopnik, we bring you one of the funniest things we have seen in days, no … months, no … years. The Ten Cars That Are Likely To Get You Pulled Over. The list begins with any Supercar and ends with the Toyota Solara (which one of our staffers owns). He says it’s his “spare” car. Right. At least it’s the first gen’ Solara, before they got really ugly, and it’s not “give me a ticket red.” 

In between are such favorites here in the office as Your Half-Finished Mustang, which by the way one of our other staffers used to own. Ummm, or maybe he still does. Depends on who you ask around here. A Bimmer is on the list, ’nuff said. A Rusted Van is in the mix, too. We can’t see the license plates on the van, but if we could, our bet is they would probably read “CHESTR.”


And then there is the Black-On-Black Corvette on the list, as well. But our all-time favorite on the list has got to be most hated of all automobiles, a “donk” car of any kind, but worst of all, especially for Chevy Hardcore fans, A Donk Caprice. 

Chevy Hardcore readers have been known to modify their cars and trucks in a multitude of different ways, but when it comes to “donks” we think it’s fairly safe to say that the vast majority of us agree that this is just an unforgivable sin done to what was a righteous automobile at one time.    

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