The auction car circuit is filled with high rollers and eccentric millionaires, each with their own tastes and preferences in automobiles. But just about everybody loves a classic Corvette, and there are some people who have based their whole collections around GM’s premier sports car. These guys will wait their whole lives for that ultimate in rare, classic Corvettes to come up for sale, driving prices sky high.We could see a showdown over this one-of-two pre-production fuelie Corvette. It’s got everything a car collector could want, and more, and it’ll be up for sale at Mecum’s Kissimmee, Florida auctionin January.What makes this Corvette truly special is that it features a very rare set of aluminum cylinder heads. As Hemmings tells it, godfather of the Corvette Zora Arkus-Duntov wanted to build a radical, all-aluminum fuel-injected V8 engine for the 1960 Corvette. GM only went so far as to build the cylinder heads. While the aluminum heads saved 50 pounds over cast iron heads, and allowed the 283 engine to run a higher compression ratio, warping and cracking issues led to its eventual replacement by the tried-and-true cast iron heads.

Just two Corvettes were ever fitted with these aluminum heads, this being one of them. It also features the “Big Brake” package, and comes with all its original pieces, including side air scoops for the brakes. This car will command a pretty penny on the auction block, that is for sure. How much will it bring? We’ll find out in January.