Photos: Alex Voronoff

Getting a 60-foot time in the 1.4 range with a stock configuration 5th Gen Z06 may seem completely insane, but it can be done. Corvette Challenge provided a wealth of information regarding one driver’s technique for getting the most out his car. Despite the warnings that this technique could prove to be hazardous to your car, it really breaks down the process of successfully learning to achieve the proper launch.

Independent rear suspension can make launching a Z06 on ET Streets a scary prospect with the fear of broken parts, like those pricey half-shafts. However, the Z06 avoids the wheel hop that the ’03/’04 Cobras are known for, but high RPM launches may still be a bit risky. Rob Zona, the author of this article, suggests that a 5,000RPM launch and accurate data logging are the two key components getting a good short time. Zona mentions that the tire pressure should measured using a very accurate gauge and recorded along with track conditions and the exact RPM at the launch.

Ideally a large burnout with continued spin to the line is the way to go; Zona points out that spinning the tires to the line removes debris, which can be a hindrance to traction. Burnouts can make or break a launch according to the article, but this is only one of the “rookie” mistakes that drivers make when drag racing. Essentially, Zona breaks down the potential pitfalls and offers suggestions for improvement along with championing importance of data logging for success. Check out the article on the Corvette Challenge website for full details.