Video: Speed Needs No Translation – Best Motoring Races the ZR1

Japan’s last leg of the Best Motoring video series recently pitted five supercars against one another on the track at Fuji as cameras rolled. Not only did the Lexas LFA, Porsche 911 GT2 RS and Nissan GT-R make appearances, but the Ferrari F430 GT3 and the Corvette ZR1 were also in the race. While the narration in untranslated Japanese is a bit distracting to non-speakers, the video is no less entertaining as the five supercars battle it out. Thanks to for bringing us the event news and video.

Because the cars were stacked in their starting positions rather than lined up straight across, the race was a battle right from the start. In the video, the Nissan GT-R can be seen taking the instant lead of the pack from the starting line, pulling around the Ferrari to start the race up front. Surprisingly, the Ferrari F430 falls back to the rear of the pack by the first corner. Going into the second lap, the car standings are changed with the Lexus LFA in the lead followed closely by the Nissan GT-R and then the Porsche 911. Bringing up the rear of the pack going into lap two is the Corvette ZR1, lead by the Ferrari F430 by only a couple car lengths. This quickly changes as the corners in lap two begin.

Although the drivers are not speaking English, it is apparent how they are reacting to the race course. In some of the hairpin turns, drivers can be heard making comments of surprise and light-hearted distress. In laps two and three, the comments are still there but the drivers seem to have a better grasp on how to maneuver through the course. With cameras mounted in each car and along portions of the track, you can get a good sense of how the race plays out from all different angles.

Spoiler alert – After leading most of the second and the third lap, the Nissan GT-R prevails as the winner. Passing the Lexus LFA on the final straight, the Porsche 911 takes second. Coming in fourth at the last second is our beloved Corvette ZR1, leaving the Ferrari F430 in last place. It is uncertain if the cars were driven to their full potential but I expected to see the Ferrari do better than last place. If you don’t mind listening to a little Japanese, this video is rather entertaining and well worth watching.

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